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100A Kraevaya St., 663600 Krasnoyarsk Krai Russia

Wood Species: coniferous

Size, mm: 100х100х6000

Price: *

Wood Species: coniferous

Size, mm: 100х100х6000

Price: *
Timber is an extremely popular type of wood-based building material. It is used both in supporting structures and in auxiliary structures and is the basis for the construction of a wooden house, interior partitions and the construction of roofs and ceilings.

Product quality

We produce high quality larch and pine logs. In the manufacture, modern woodworking machines and drying chambers are used, due to which the moisture content of the product is optimal 10-15%.

The timber produced by our company will serve for many years. First of all, we focus on the quality of our products, strict adherence to state standards and manufacturability in production.

In the Woodvin company you can purchase quality timber in the volume you need, from retail to large wholesale. We deliver to any region of Russia, as well as to China and Europe.

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Delivery by motor tramsport or by the railway